You might start hearing more about IDx-DR.

What is IDx-DR?
A artificial intelligence diagnostic system that analyzes fundus photos to determine if diabetic retinopathy is present. It can then determine the follow-up plan based on the level of retinopathy. It’s sort of like telemedicine but instead of a doctor reading the images, artificial intelligence does.

Where does the OD fit in?
Some worry that artificial intelligence will take patients away from the OD but others think that the patient load could actually increase. The IDx-DR could get people into the healthcare system that were previously slipping through the cracks. It can make the patient aware that they have a problem and recognize the need for follow-up.

Is it FDA approved?
Not yet but it might be soon. The company has completed a clinical trial that included over 900 patients and it’s under expedited review by the FDA. They are expected to make a decision in the next few months. (via)

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