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Is there a study that says daily contacts are better than reusable lenses?

A study of 36 habitual contact lens wearers was completed to assess the level of ocular inflammation present in daily contact lens wearers vs. reusable contact lens wearers. Of the 36 participants, 14 of them wore dailies while the remaining 24 wore reusable soft contacts.
The researchers measured the level of cytokines and conjunctival cell metaplasia before contact lens wear and then after one hour of wear. They found a higher level of cytokines and greater conjunctival metaplasia in the region covered by contacts in reusable contact lens wearers as compared to daily contact lens wearers.

Remind me, what are cytokines?
Cell signaling molecules that facilitate communication between cells at sites of inflammation, infection, and trauma. Meaning when you have inflammation, you see a lot of cytokines.

The take home: This study found more inflammation, more conjunctival staining, and greater conjunctival cell metaplasia in reusable contact lens wearers.

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