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Can my child get glasses to prevent myopia?

If you live in Asia, maybe later this year.
A research team has collaborated with Hoya on a new spectacle lens called the Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) lens.

What is the DIMS lens?
The lens has a central optical zone for correcting refractive error but the key is the multiple little micro-lenses that create constant myopic defocus surrounding the central zone extending to the mid-periphery of the lens. Here is a picture.

Why do we want peripheral myopic defocus?
Because studies have shown to control myopia progression, we need to induce myopic defocus in the periphery. Here is a great presentation on this concept.

Tell me about the clinical study.
The trial involved 160 Chinese children (ages 8-13), 79 of which were assigned the DIMS lens. They two year study showed the DIMS lenses slowed myopia progression in 60% of kids and stopped progression in 21.5% of kids. The mean myopic progression of the DIMS group over two years was 0.38D whereas the single vision glasses group was 0.93D. (trial info via)

When can I get this lens?
If you’re in the US, not until next year. But they are hoping to launch the lens later this year in Hong Kong and China. (via)

This news comes alongside a report published in JAMA Ophthalmology stating that myopia among Chinese students has reached “epidemic levels”. However, it should be noted the children in the report did not have cycloplegic refractions. (via)

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