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What other prescription options do I have to treat my dry eye?

You may start hearing about CyclASol, another dry eye medication currently in clinical trials. It also contains cyclosporin which might make you wonder, “how it this different from Restasis?”
Here is the simplified version.
Restasis, Seciera (also in clinical trials), and CyclASol all use cyclosporin but the vehicles in which these medications deliver the cyclosporin (i.e. emulsion, suspension, solution etc) is part of what makes them different.
CyclASol uses a semifluorinated alkane vehicle which is also in an over-the-counter artificial tear called EvoTears (not available in the US). This drop has better drug penetration, low viscosity, and low surface tension making it less likely to cause blurry vision.
It’s currently in phase 2 clinical trials.

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