Weekly social media roundup.

Want to see what glasses looked like in the 1800’s?

Check out this visual history of glasses.  To the surprise of no one, trial frames basically look the same.

Have you heard of Arclight?

It’s an innovative ophthalmoscope that is 11cm long and weighs less than one ounce. Initially designed for health care workers in remote areas, this solar powered ophthalmoscope is less than $60 and doubles as an otoscope.

Google Glass could be your new scribe.

Augmedix is a company that claims to save 15 hours of charting a week by using Google Glass and a remote scribe.
How exactly?
The doctor wears Google Glass and a remote scribe can see and hear the doctor and patient. At the end of the day, the doctor goes into the EHR to verify and approve the notes that the scribe took during the visit.  See it in action here.

Lastly, even Kanye understands the importance of ocular health.