Weekly social media roundup

Do you understand the vision demands of flyers?

A new website connects pilots with eye doctors and opticians that understand pilots vision needs. (via)

Your eyes participate in that aha moment.

Researchers from Ohio State were able to predict when someone was going to have an epiphany by tracking their eye movements.

Transitions on steroids?

The Army is testing out the Transition Combat Eye Protection in it’s ballistic goggles. It has the ability to change from light to dark in less than one second. Video demo here.

Thinking about moving to a different state?

This list of the 25 best states to practice optometry may influence your decision.

You could add crime solver to your resume.

The widow of a man gunned down after a road rage incident in Atlanta is hoping a pair of glasses will offer clues into a 17 year old murder mystery. The glasses belong to the killer and police are asking eye doctors to run the script through their database to see if they come up with a match. (via)

Is there a market for elephant IOLs?

In 2012, an elephant had cataract surgery and people are still fascinated. These cool images are all over social media.

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