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Sure, I’d love to fit you in vampire lenses.

File this under things you never hear OD’s say.
Welcome to October, Contact Lens Safety Month. It’s every OD’s favorite month because of the exponential increase in patients wanting costume contact lenses. It’s only 31 days, we can do it.
Here are some useful links:
1. Contamination risk in fake contacts.
2. Warning from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association on the dangers of buying decorative contacts without a prescription.

Scleral tattoos.

Now may be a good time to remind patients why a scleral tattoo is a terrible idea. It’s been in the news because this model just got one and, to the surprise of no one reading this, she is having significant ocular complications.

IRMA and Maria.

Hurricane Irma and Maria caused extreme devastation in Puerto Rico. The optometry school, IAUPR, suffered significant flooding and students have lost equipment and books as a result. If you would like to help our colleagues, click here.

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