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The week in numbers.

150,000 – the number of Snap’s Spectacles sold. They were not the huge hit the company thought they would be. (via)
44% – the percentage of market share captured by daily disposables in the past nine months according to ABB Optical. (via)
50 microliters – the amount of medication in a typical eye drop, which is more than twice what the eye can hold. NPR ran a story about these “oversize eyedrops” and how although studies have shown a smaller drop is just as effective as the larger one, it won’t be developed because it would effect the pharmaceutical companies bottom line.
$1.00 – the amount VSP will donate for every click or share of their “clicks for kids” campaign. The campaign’s goal is to increase access to vision screenings and eye exams for preschoolers across the US.

Upcoming Calendar reminders

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month and November 10th is World Keratoconus Day.

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