We are getting holistic over here.

A recent study showed that primary open angle glaucoma patients who meditated were able to lower their eye pressure by 25%.

The study details:
A total of 90 primary open angle glaucoma patients were included. They were divided into two groups, one that practiced meditation and breathing exercises every morning for one hour for a total of three weeks and the other group did not. Both groups continued to take their glaucoma drops.

What did they find?
At the end of the three weeks, 75% of the mediation group had a 25% reduction in IOP.

How does mediation help IOP?
Meditation has been known to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. The author states, “a majority of human diseases have an underlying psychological component, and it is the psychology of the patient that meditation targets. Reducing stress hormone levels with evidence-based methods can impact many organs in the body, including the eyes.”

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