VisionTECH: Low Vision Tech with Dr. Bryan Wolynski

Low Vision is one of the most technologically rich specialties within eye care. In today’s podcast we are joined by Dr. Bryan Wolynski to discuss the latest assistive technologies for Low Vision patients. We discuss the latest in optical and digital magnification devices, wearable devices and the impact of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and how they can enable an improved quality of life for our Low Vision patients.


Dr. Bryan Wolynski is a 2000 graduate of NECO and completed a residency in Primary Care at NOVA. Bryan has been in the eye care field for over 25 years and currently maintains a practice in New York City where he provides primary eye care and low vision evaluations. Bryan consults on mobile eye care for the Florida Heiken Children’s Vision Program and on Low Vision for the Miami Lighthouse and OrCam Technologies.


Dr. Wolynski has presented cases at SECO, AAO and has spoken at AOA. He has also provided CE lectures to Optometrists, Opticians and to the Association of School Nurses. Bryan has also spoken to the Florida State Senate and the Department of Health for children’s eye care advocacy and mobile eye care. He has also spoken on the topic of low vision at many low vision conferences throughout the country as well as internationally including the United Nations. Bryan is a Fellow of the AAO, a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, The Optometric Society, and the AOA.


Dr. Wolynski can be reached at:


Facebook: Bryan Wolynski

Practice website: Glasses on First Inc.



CSUN Conference



Dr. Bryan Wolynski: Consultant for OrCam Technologies

Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub: Previous Consultant for OrCam Technologies



  1. Dr. Wolynski
    I saw you on Dr. Phil showing the Orcam My Eye. How amazing!!!!
    My sister in law is loosing her vision. My heart has been breaking for her.
    Can you tell me if insurance companies help cover this?
    Thank you!