The Ultimate Pair of Glasses

Imagine the ultimate pair of glasses.  A frame that is engineered to fit your face shape perfectly.  A lens that creates precise clarity and offers superior protection.  The fusion of the aforementioned will enhance one’s lifestyle.

Every year around this time, I begin my search for the ultimate pair of glasses.  It is a must for me to reinvent myself every year through my eyewear.  For 2018, I invested in a pair of Kirk & Kirk frames.  The frames are the Gilbert design from the Vivarium collection.  The sleek and lightweight design is made of blue acrylic.   The frame is oversized with a rounded square shape and decorative pins.  Let’s just say, I am killing the game with these frames!

When it comes to glasses, most individuals place their emphasis on the frame.  I firmly believe that investing in quality lenses to accommodate my lifestyle is just as important.  I am a millennial so I live on my phone and computer. I never sleep so it is a priority to invest in quality lenses.

The Ultimate Lens Package truly lives up to its name.  The combination of Eyezen™+ lenses, Transitions®, and Crizal® has taken my vision to a new level.  I have never seen this well in my entire life.  The clarity and precision are unmatched.  As an optometrist and eyeglass wearer, I strongly recommend investing in the Ultimate Lens Package for yourself and offering it to your patients.  It’s the ultimate offer that will separate your practice from your competitors.  And now, the Ultimate Lens Package is more stylish than ever and attracts single vision patients.  As of July 16th, patients can choose the new Transitions® Signature® Style Colors and Transitions® XTRActive® Style Mirrors to add more flavor to their eyewear.  If your practice has not signed up for the Ultimate Lens Package, contact your local Essilor representative or learn more at

Disclaimer: I am a partner of Essilor of America, but opinions expressed are my own.

Dr. Darryl Glover
Dr. Darryl Glover is a global optometrist, speaker, entrepreneur, and social media enthusiast. He has served the optometric community for nearly twenty years and has held every position in the field including eyewear consultant, optometric technician, office manager, and optometrist.

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