Sunday, September 20, 2020

The OpTranslate Podcast Turkish: Vocabulary

Turkish – Episode 7 –  Vocabulary Content by Ocular Media The 7th and final episode of our Turkish series features a review of common vocabulary used in the clinic.    

The OpTranslate Podcast Turkish: Binocular Vision Testing

Turkish – Episode 6 –  Binocular Vision Testing Content by Ocular Media This short and sweet episode gives you the tools to do basic binocular vision testing on any Turkish-speaking patient.  Measure phorias, vergences, FCC, and...

The OpTranslate Podcast Turkish: Slit Lamp & DFE

Turkish – Episode 5 – Slit Lamp & DFE Content by Ocular Media Our fifth installment of the Turkish eye exam features language lessons for slit lamp evaluation, tonometry, and dilation procedure.    

The OpTranslate Podcast Turkish: Refraction

Turkish – Episode 4 – Refraction Content by Ocular Media This week the OpTranslate Podcast covers refraction! This section features retinoscopy, subjective refraction, range of clear vision testing, and PD measurement.  

The OpTranslate Podcast Turkish: Entrance Testing

Turkish – Episode 3 – Entrance Testing Content by Ocular Media Our third weekly Turkish lesson teaches you how to measure visual acuity, perform...