The blue light debate lives on.

A new study found that a blue-blocking filter was no more effective than a neutral-density filter for reducing digital eye strain.

Tell me about the study.
The study asked 24 subjects to read a cognitively demanding reading task on an iPad for 30 minutes. They did it twice, once with a blue-blocking filter (blocking 99% of blue light) over the screen and then again 24 hours later with an equiluminant neutral-density filter (blocking 50% of blue light) over the screen (not necessarily in that order). After the reading assessment, the subjects answered a questionnaire which gauged their level of fatigue and eye strain.

What did they find?
Eye strain and fatigue symptoms were similar regardless of whether the patient was looking through the blue-blocking filter or neutral-density filter. The authors acknowledge some limitations in the study however, they state, “further research into the efficacy of blue-blocking filters is required before they can be advocated as a treatment for digital eyestrain.” (via)

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