Tear sample may be able to predict thyroid eye disease.

A new study investigated whether biomarkers present in tears could predict thyroid eye disease (TED). 

The study details.
A total of 54 patients with autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) were included. Some of these patients had no thyroid eye disease while others had a range of mild, moderate, or severe TED. There were also 18 patients without AITD to act as the controls. The research team obtained tear samples and looked at the various proteins present in each sample.

What did they find?
Two takeaways:
1. There were differences in tear proteins depending on the severity of TED (no other study has shown this). 
2. Two proteins, specifically S100A4 and PIP, showed consistent dysregulation trends which according to the authors, could be used as biomarkers to predict the progression to severe TED.

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