Monday, December 9, 2019
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Optometry Podcast: How to Balance Optometry and Motherhood

In this podcast, new mother Jennifer Lyerly, OD, talks with Drs. Arian Fartash and Gabriela Olivares about balancing their careers as new moms.  

Optometry Podcast: What Optometrists Need to Know About YAG Laser Vitreolysis...

Dr. Jessica Schiffbauer shares how to discuss this Vitreolysis for floaters and it’s potential side effects with curious patients. Learn more!

Optometry Podcast: Let’s Talk Trabecular Meshwork with Dr. Cynthia Steel

Last year saw some of the first new innovations in topical glaucoma treatment hit the market, with the introduction of nitric oxide in Vyzulta...

Optometry Podcast: Dr. Walt Whitley Discusses Optometry

Where is the future of eyecare going?  That's a question all of us are asking, and the answers seem more volatile and uncertain than...