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Hanging with your Favorite Optometrist featuring Dr. Alan Glazier

Dr. Darryl Glover hangs out with Dr. Alan Glazier. Learn what's new on ODs on Facebook and more.

Optometry Podcast: ODs on Facebook with Dr. Alan Glazier

Drs. Darryl Glover and Alan Glazier discuss the future of ODs on Facebook and more.

ODs on Facebook Podcast: Sports Vision with Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Sports Vision Training is being recognized as one of the last frontiers for athletic performance enhancement. As strength training, nutrition and sports psychology become...

ODs on Facebook Podcast: Eyecare in Space

Many experts believe that we are on track to becoming a multi-planetary species within our lifetime. Government agencies like NASA as well as private...

ODs on Facebook Podcast: Disruption in Eyecare

We are excited to be launching the first episode of the ODs on Facebook Podcast. The goal of the ODs on Facebook Podcast is...