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Hanging with your Favorite Optometrist: Marketing Update with Dr. Sandi Elevelth

Join Drs. Darryl Glover and Sandi Eveleth discuss marketing in eyecare.

Optometry Podcast: 2021 Digital Marketing Strategies for Eyecare Professionals

Drs. Darryl Glover and Sandi Eveleth discuss the 2021 digital marketing trends. We discuss everything from social media, chatbots, and voice search. The two also jump into the new social media platform, Clubhouse.

Optometry Podcast: LinkedIn Marketing with Johnny Wenzel

How can you set your practice apart in 2020? Many optometry offices are leveraging Facebook and Instagram to market to their patients, but very...

Corporate Optometry Nation: Let’s talk Marketing with Dr. Asma Alsalameh

Corporate Optometry Nation's Dr. Maria Sampalis talks to Dr. Asma Alsalameh about starting a new sublease and how she used unique marketing techniques to help...

Optometry Podcast: OptomLeigh Discusses Optometry in Australia, Digital Marketing, and More!

Imagine the little boy in your office that comes in as an uncorrected +6.00 hyperope with amblyopia, and zealously adheres to your patching and...