Study examining metformin use and AMD.

The question: Can metformin use decrease the risk of AMD?

Maybe. New research from Taiwan examined the data of over 68,000 patients diagnosed with diabetes from 2001-2013. Roughly 66% of these patients took metformin, while the other group did not.

What did they find?
After following the patients for 13 years, they found that half as many people in the metformin group had AMD as compared to the non-metformin group. The research team found that patients in the metformin group had a significantly lower risk of developing AMD.

What’s the connection between the two?
Per the authors, inflammation and oxidative stress have long been known to play a key role in the development of both diabetes and AMD. Because metformin suppresses inflammation and oxidative stress, the theory is that metformin may also protect against AMD. (via)

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