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At Defocus Media, our expertise is developing media platforms for eyecare professionals that will set your practice apart from the rest. Our goal is to allow eyecare professionals the liberty to defocus on social media and give complete focus to patient care. Our company manages social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your behalf. Today, I would like to share 4 steps on how to get started with social media.


4 Steps to Get Started with Social Media

1. Set up social media platforms with the same handle (name). It is critical to have the same name across all platforms so patients can find you on their choice of social media.

  • Suggested Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Yelp. Also, keep in mind if you work with a group practice, it is imperative to set up your own social media platform because if not, if and when you leave that group you lose your following.

2.  Find the platform that works for you. I suggest narrowing it down to 2 platforms. My preferences are Instagram and Facebook because they are the most visual.

3.  Be CREATIVE. In order to gain the attention of new followers, one must create CUSTOM literature. That is where Defocus Media comes in. We will create custom content that makes your practice stand out.

4.  Regardless of how great one’s content is, if the conversation of social media does not take place in the exam lane, your patients may never know that you are socially engaged. Below are a few ways to build your awareness to patients:

  • Have patients like or follow your social media platforms upon check in or check out.
  • Let them know that if they follow you on all social media platforms, they will become eligible for $10.00 off their next purchase.
  • Hand out bookmarks or business cards with your contact information along with all your social media platforms.
  • Communicate to your patients that your social media platforms are where they can find all promotions, enter into competitions and learn about various ocular conditions.
  • Posters with social media handles.

I hope these steps have helped. My colleague, Dr. Jennifer Lyerly, and I would love to help you out with step #3. We have a combined history of almost a decade in creating content that engages patients. When is a good time to discuss further?

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