Primary Eye Guys Episode 27: Canadians Abroad

Gagan and I aren’t the only Canadians studying optometry in Dublin. We sit down and chat with our fellow Canuck and roommate – Lindsay Burke! We don’t so much talk about what it’s like living abroad in Ireland, but rather we hypothesize what our future careers will look like. Find out how I hate dealing with Dry Eye Disease and how I can’t imagine owning my own practice – or how the other two already have clear picture of what kind of optometrist they would someday like to be.
Daniel, Gagan, and Lindsey

Side Note: (We recorded this ~ 6 months ago, I have since become a better practitioner!)  Thanks to Lindsay for joining us! Check out her Instagram at: @1eyeatatime

Hopefully, she’ll be joining us again someday to find out how many of our plans have come to fruition!

Until Next Time,

Daniel & Gagan