Potential new glaucoma drugs.

Two new drugs were resubmitted for FDA approval last week.

1.  Rhopressa – dosed once a day to reduce IOP.  The drop works via three different mechanisms:
a. It increases fluid outflow through the trabecular meshwork by inhibiting Rho Kinase (ROCK)
b. Reduces fluid production in the eye by inhibiting norepinephrine transporter (NET)
c. Lowers episcleral venous pressure.

2.  Latanoprostene bunod (aka VESNEO) is thought to increase aqueous humor outflow by acting on both the uveoscleral pathway (unique – no other drop works here) and trabecular meshwork and Schlemm’s canal (conventional pathway).

However, your office won’t see any new drug reps for this yet.  New drug applications with the FDA typically take around one year to complete.

Jaclyn Garlich
Dr. Garlich graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 2010 and completed a residency in primary care and ocular disease at the St. Louis VA. In 2013, she developed an optometry clinical reference mobile app available in the iTunes store. In 2016, she founded 20/20 Glance, a weekly optometry newsletter that gives a rundown on clinically relevant optometry news in an easy to digest format.

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