Persistence pays off.

The FDA has (finally) approved Dextenza.

What is Dextenza?
It’s a dexamethasone insert, placed through the punctum into the canaliculus and delivers dexamethasone to the ocular surface for up to 30 days. Dextenza resorbs after treatment and therefore does not need to be removed.

What is it for?
It’s for the treatment of post-op pain following ocular surgery.

How do you put it in?
Insertion is similar to a punctal plug – here is a video.

Any side effects?
The most common was anterior chamber inflammation (9%) but others include IOP increased (5%); visual acuity reduced (2%); eye pain (1%); cystoid macular edema (1%); corneal edema (1%); and conjunctival hyperemia (1%).

Why do you say it’s “finally” approved? 
Because their first and second submissions to the FDA were rejected because of concerns relating to the manufacturing process. This was their third submission. (via)

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