Optoturban Podcast: Tips for Public Speaking with Dr. Carol Alexander


Dr. Alexander attended optometry school at Ohio State University and then decided to practice in Michigan for about 20 years. She now travels all over the country as a speaker for Johnson & Johnson. 

Tips for Public Speaking

Dr. Alexander shares some tips and strategies she uses during her talks:

1. Anyone can get into public speaking if they have a passion for it—even if you consider yourself an introvert. 

2 Tell a story; don’t just read the slides from your presentation.

3. When telling stories to your audience, use personal experiences to add credibility.

4. Think from the audience’s perspective when conveying your message.

5. Use your body language to keep the audience engaged.

6. Practice your talk out loud. Record yourself and listen to yourself.

7. Interact with your audience; let them discuss their experiences as well.

8. Make sure to pause and pace yourself throughout your talk.

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