Optoturban Podcast: The Power of Humor


Dr. Bloomenstein joined the Optoturban podcast to talk about how he integrates humor in his life and with patients. Dr. Bloomenstein decided to pursue optometry 25 years ago to land a date (LOL). From there, he pursued his degree in Optometry in Boston and now practices in Arizona at Schwartz Eye Center.

Using Humor with patients/friends?

  1. It’s ok to create a comfortable environment for patients by using jokes; remember: life doesn’t always have to be serious #whysoserious
  2. Be yourself
  3. Read the body language of your audience
    • Be careful if they are not receptive to your jokes; they aren’t for everyone
  4. Use current topics
    • For example, “Netflix and chill”
  5. Use analogies
    • Use topics that most people can relate to (e.g. food)
  6. Real-life experiences
    • Talk about your wife and kids
  7. Use individualized jokes for individualized care 
  8. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself

Overall, try to be yourself.

If you have any questions for doctor Marc Bloomenstein, feel free to contact him at mbloomenstein@gmail.com 

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If you have any questions for student doctor Jasdeep Singh Soni, feel free to contact him at jasdeep.soni18@gmail.com.


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