Optoturban Podcast: Stereotypes – Race, Religion, and Culture in Clinical Settings


Student-doctor Jasdeep Singh Soni and Dr. Jeff Kegarise discuss their academic and professional backgrounds. Born and raised in Southern California, Jasdeep went to UC Irvine for undergrad and attends AZCOPT for optometry school. He is finishing his out-of-state fourth-year rotations in Tennessee and Florida. Dr. Jeff Kegarise, a Midwest native, completed undergrad and optometry school at Ohio State University and then practiced in Texas, Iowa, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Culture – The South

While working together at Cool Springs EyeCare in Tennessee, Jasdeep and Dr. Kegarise sat down to examine their preconceived notions of the South. Jasdeep expected to face adversity due to his unique appearance but instead found himself among communities that celebrated his religious and cultural differences. 

Race/Religion – How should it affect our patients?

Jasdeep and Dr. Kegarise talk about how race affects patients and providers in clinical settings. Jasdeep explains how his unique appearance helps him connect with patients and Dr. Kegarise explains how race-based risk factors guide his treatment plans. 

If you have any questions for student doctor Jasdeep Singh Soni, feel free to contact him at jasdeep.soni18@gmail.com.