Optoturban Podcast: Puptometry


Sarah Hileman, a 2nd-year student at AZCOPT, joined the Optoturban podcast to talk about combining her love for animals with her love for optometry. Her passion for animals comes in part from her two dogs, Mo and Milly. 

Love for Animals

Sarah feels that animals have an “ever-constant presence of positivity.” For her, “they are reassuring, loving, and partners in my life.”

Animals in Optometry?

Therapy animals are currently used in hospitals and nursing homes—why not use them in private optometry practices? 

She wants to use animals as a way to improve recall and maintain continuity of care. Sarah and Jasdeep discuss the challenges and benefits of using animals in healthcare. 

If you have any questions for student doctor Sarah Hileman, feel free to contact her at shileman81@midwestern.edu or Instagram (Puptometry).

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If you have any questions for student doctor Jasdeep Singh Soni, feel free to contact him at jasdeep.soni18@gmail.com.