Optoturban Podcast: Mentorship and Branding with Dr. Nishan Pressley


Through her Ask Dr. Nish sessions, Dr. Pressley gives advice in 1 on 1 sessions on preparing for interviews, editing resumes and editing LinkedIn profiles.

Additionally, Dr. Pressley strives to mentor others by being a role model for other minorities. Her goal is “build everyone up.” She discusses some of her experiences seeing patients as a minority.   


Dr. Pressley recently was featured in a blog for VSP and was on the National Defense Radio Show.

Dr. Pressley gave some tips out for building a brand on social media:

1.   Post educational material

2.   Tag big companies in your posts

3.   Be yourself

4.   Connect with as many people as possible.

For more information about Ask Dr. Nish sessions you can click here to find out more: https://askdrnish.setmore.com/

Dr. Nishan Pressley

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