Optoturban Podcast: Living in Positivity Over Living in Fear

In this episode, Jasdeep Soni interviews student doctor Nadia Afkhami about fears that optometrists and students have currently. Even with all of these fears, both student doctor Afkhami and student doctor Soni agreed that positivity is necessary at this time to overcome these fears.

Some fears and solutions they discussed include:

1.    The fear of not getting enough experience with patients.

a.    Solution: Use this extra time to study and make sure your knowledge is stronger than ever.

2.    The fear of not being able to find a job.

a.    Solution: Lookout for career events put on by groups such as Covalentcareers Optometry

b.    Solution: Be more flexible in your expectations with the job search; you may need to compromise on the pay, location or hours of the job.   

3.    The fear of finding motivation to be productive daily?

a.    Solution: Make check lists of activities you want to accomplish and cross them off when you complete them

b.    Solution: Find others to hold you accountable.

4.    The fear of not being taken seriously by patients.

a.    Solution: Be confident in yourself; if you are capable of getting into school and passing exams then you are capable of doing patient care.

Nadia Afkham, Optometry Student

5.    The fear of not being able to network at conferences anymore.

a.    Solution: Network online through Instagram and Facebook. Attend Zoom meetings put on by groups such as the Young OD’s of America.

6.    The fear of seeing patients online.

a.    Solution: Practice telemedicine situations by doing practice appointments with colleagues or friends.

7.    The fear of paying off loans

a.    Solution: Plan to be frugal and work long hours after you are done with school so you can pay off loans.

8.    The fear of not being to take board or licensing exams.

a.    Solution: Stay ready; you never know when your exam will occur and you do not want to regret not being prepared.

You can follow student doctor Nadia Afkhami for more content on her Instagram page @eyeamnadia.

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Dr. Jasdeep Soni
During his time at the University of California - Irvine, Jasdeep majored in Public Health and spent two years as President of the Sikh Student Association. His classes cultivated his interest in healthcare while his extracurriculars developed his enthusiasm for marketing and sales. After honing his skills as an Account Executive at Konica Minolta, he decided to attend Optometry school and combine his two passions into one career.

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