Optoturban Podcast: Homosexuality and Optometry


Cody Frank joined the Optoturban podcast today to share his unique experiences as a homosexual optometrist. He is a 4th-year student at Midwestern University. He was born and raised in a conservative community in Maine.

How is it seeing patients?

At first, Cody avoided the topic of sexuality around his patients but as he had more and more conversations about his personal life, his answers began to evolve. He realized that, in spite of their own views, his patients appreciated his honesty and openness. 

What he learned

Cody learned, “Being open and honest about who I am lets me […] be 100% myself”

If you have any questions for student doctor Cody Frank, feel free to contact him at cfrank71@midwestern.edu

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If you have any questions for student doctor Jasdeep Singh Soni, feel free to contact him at jasdeep.soni18@gmail.com.

Dr. Jasdeep Soni
During his time at the University of California - Irvine, Jasdeep majored in Public Health and spent two years as President of the Sikh Student Association. His classes cultivated his interest in healthcare while his extracurriculars developed his enthusiasm for marketing and sales. After honing his skills as an Account Executive at Konica Minolta, he decided to attend Optometry school and combine his two passions into one career.

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