Optometry Podcast: SunSnap Kids Sunglasses with Dr. Kaleb Abbott

Many of us have great ideas, but how many of us take the risk to invest in ourselves and make these ideas become reality? Today’s podcast guest is Dr. Kaleb Abbott, a 2018 graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry. Practicing in Denver, Colorado where sunny days and outdoor lifestyles contribute to a high risk of UV damage to the eye, Dr. Abbott noticed that while his adult patients were very good about wearing sunglasses, his pediatric patients hardly ever wore protection. This was especially worrisome because research has shown that over 50% of the UV damage we are exposed to during our lifetime occurs before age 18. While many of us have similarly seen that children rarely use sunglasses when outdoors, Dr. Abbott decided to actually do something above and beyond educating parents in the exam room — he created his own pediatric sunglasses line, SunSnap Kids

SunSnap Kids sunglasses are a unique design that can be worn like a snap bracelet around the wrist when not on the face, making them both fun for kids to wear and less likely for them to lose. Dr. Abbott shares that in his research, the number one reason parents don’t buy sunglasses for their children is the fear that their child will lose them almost immediately. Bringing this unique product to market required Dr. Abbott to partner with entrepreneurs in business, design, production, and marketing. He shares his advice on finding the professionals that you need to help bring your entrepreneurial ideas to market, as well as a step by step approach to getting started on creating a new business.
If you are interested in bringing these innovative sunglasses into your optical or wanting to learn more about starting a business of your own, you can reach Dr. Abbott via his social media @sunsnapkids

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