Optometry Podcast: Overheard Optometry with Elvira Derhovsepian

You’re probably one of the over 13,000 eyecare enthusiasts following her account, but do you know the entrepreneur behind @overheardoptometry ? This week’s podcast we get to know Elvira Derhovsepian, an ophthalmic technician and optometry school applicant that has been compiling the funniest patient care stories from around the world on her popular Instagram account. She shares some of her favorite stories, and the ones that universally connect all levels of eyecare professionals – uniting technicians, opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists in the humor of daily patient care. In fact, the post that launched her popular account was one that still garners plenty of attention. Whether your picking up an occluder to check vision, or a penlight to assess pupils, patients always want to know one thing: “Is that going to blow air in my eyes?”  

In addition to her Instagram and Facebook accounts, Derhovsepian has also self-published 2 books, Overheard Optometry Volume 1 and Volume 2, after one of her followers suggested she compile her favorite posts into a book to make a thoughtful gift for eyecare providers. She’s also introduced calendars featuring a daily optometric story which can be purchased by messaging Derhovsepian on her Instagram account. If you have a humorous patient care encounter you’d love to share with the global world of eyecare, submit them to Derhovsepian by messaging her on social media to get your story featured on the account!


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