Optometry Podcast: OB Malope Discusses Optometry in Africa, Visionstryt, and Eyefrica Media

Optometrist, author, speaker, and consultant.  OB Malope is the face of optometry in South Africa.  Dr. Darryl Glover of Defocus Media had the opportunity to discuss one on one with OB about the scope and challenges of optometry in South Africa, his world renown company, Visionstryt, and launching the Eyefrica Media Podcast.

Who is Eyefrica Media?

Eyefrica Media is the fastest growing media company on the African continent. It specializes in a wide range of media-related instruments and gateways for growing the profession of Optometry. Eyefrica Media plans to launch it’s podcast on the Defocus Media network summer 2018 and website in the winter of 2018. Check out our Facebook group (for eyecare professionals in Africa only). 

Who is Visionstryt?

Visionstryt is a business amplifier program for practitioners that want to take their business from success to significance. Visionstryt is comprised of well-researched programs, strategies, resources and software tools to amplify your business.

Visionstryt’s Books


Visionstryt’s Practical Guide for Optometric Staff
Visionstryt’s Business Guide to Optometrists