Optometry Podcast: Innovation in Eyecare

This podcast was produced in partnership with Essilor

“Optical can quickly become a passion,” shares Mr. Jeff Harrell, Senior Director of Products at Essilor of America. He’s constantly inspired by the research and development that goes into innovate lens technology, the fashion of eyewear, and the ability for the profession to change lives by providing quality vision to patients every day. During the course of his career he’s helped launch some of Essilor’s most successful lens technology, and in this podcast he previews the new innovations that are coming to your office in 2020. 

Dr. Darryl Glover and Mr. Jeff Harrell, Senior Director of Products at Essilor of America

Eyezen™ Start

“The single vision lens wearer of today cannot keep using single vision,” explains Harrell. “It doesn’t address their needs: the challenges of digital eye strain, or Harmful Blue Light protection.” Eyezen lenses have different levels of accommodative relief to reduce eye strain for patients before the age of presbyopia. This year launches Eyezen Start lenses which are a single lens option which provides the prescription the wearer needs all over the lens, designed to be a simple choice to uniquely solve the problems of a single vision wearer. The lens has an aspheric design in both the distance and near zones, minimizing up to 60% of astigmatic aberrations when looking up close1. Additionally, it has built in Harmful Blue Light2 protection. The lens is available right now for your patient’s relief!

Varilux® Comfort Max

Mr. Harrell explains that this lens addition allows doctors to offer a full range of ophthalmic solutions for their patients so that a patient at any budget can enjoy the benefits of an excellent progressive design. The very best in progressive lens technology? Varilux® X Series™ offers the very best lens technology on the market today, Mr. Harrell explains. But as everyone who works in retail optical knows, not every patient prioritizes and budgets for the very top of the line technology. Varilux Comfort Max is designed to provide the best possible range of vision with a uniquely designed power profile for patients who want a standard progressive lens choice instead of the premium product. “We want everyone to have Varilux lenses; we don’t want people to have to compromise on their vision.” The lens is coming in April, 2020. 

Crizal® Rock

“No one should go without Crizal AR,” states Harrell. “It’s clarity, durability and protection.” Crizal coatings are more than just an anti-reflective coating with a hard coat scratch protection. These coatings improve the clarity and performance of eyewear, and also block the Harmful Blue Light and UV which can cause damage to eyes. All Crizal products have built in backside UV protection. More details about Crizal Rock will be coming later in 2020 as the lens hits the market! 

Dr. Darryl Glover and Mr. Jeff Harrell, Senior Director of Products at Essilor of America.

(1) Points de Vue January 2019: Eyezen™ Start: The new generation of single vision lenses

(2) Eyezen Start lenses filter at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light. Harmful Blue Light is the blue-violet wavelengths between 415-455nm on the light spectrum believed most toxic to retinal cells.


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