Optometry Podcast: Dr. Steve Vargo Talks Eye on Leadership

Dr. Steve Vargo

Optometrist, consultant, author and speaker.  Dr. Steve Vargo is a true leader in the optometric industry and his eye for leadership is unforeseen.  In today’s practice, the need for leadership is paramount.  Dr. Vargo’s book, Eye on Leadership is an easy, but powerful read that offers an optometrist a  plan for creating a motivated and empowered team.  Dr. Vargo highlights 5 lessons that will significantly impact one’s practice.

Lesson #1: Be Clear With Expectations

Although this seems to be a no brainer, research from Gallup discovered that 50% of employees lack clarity on what is expected of them at work.  If your team is clear on their expectations they will perform better which in turn provides better customer service and work environment.

Lesson #2: Empower Your Employees

When was the last time you empowered your team?  Was it today, yesterday, last week or have you ever empowered your team?  Empowerment is key in any organization.  Empowerment revolves around earned self autonomy through competence and trust. It’s important to not micromanage, but empower your employees to accomplish task independently properly.

Lesson #3:  Develop Your Employees

The key to training employees is that training never stops.  When, Dr. Vargo hears that employees are underperforming, his first thoughts are if the employee is failing the practice or the practice is failing the employee.  This is something that us as leaders should ask ourselves. Always keep in mind that training never stops for our team and us as leaders.   

Lesson #4: Now, Discover Your (Employee’s) Strength

A great leader or manager is observant.  This allows one to recognize what one’s strengths and weaknesses are.  As a leader/manager to have the ability to place someone in a role of their strength is invaluable.  This keeps the team member engaged and confident in their role which creates a better work setting.

Lesson #5: Accountability

In order for your team to be successful, there must be some form of accountably.  Regardless if all the other aforementioned lessons are met, if one is not accountable to the change, the team will fail.  It’s imperative to hold team members accountable to grow and be successful.

Check out his book and the latest podcast as we discussed the five key lessons in detail.


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