Optometry Podcast: Dr. Lamont Bunyon’s Journey in Eyecare

Optometrist, author, and speaker are just a few accomplishments of award-winning eyecare professional, Dr. Lamont Bunyon.  Dr. Bunyon’s journey into the world of eyecare started as kid when he was an eleven year old.  He aspired to be a comic book artist, but his mother told him he should be a doctor because he has what it takes to help and change lives, so the spirit of a doctor was born.  Throughout Dr. Lamont’s education, he was unsure of which medical disciplinary he wanted to pursue, until his senior year at Hampton University.  At that time, Lamont needed a pair of contacts, so he booked an appointment with Dr. Lisa Wallace Davis and she engaged with him about optometry.  As a result, Dr. Bunyon has added a tremendous amount of value to the eyecare industry.

In this week’s optometry’s podcast, I had the opportunity of diving deep into Dr. Bunyon’s personal and professional life.  He discusses how he is able to practice with the love of his life, the importance of investing in yourself, and his new book, Four Sight.

Dr. Bunyon has always been a believer in investing in yourself, whether it is mentorship, volunteering, or business opportunities.  Throughout his career, he has always had mentors and mentored others.  Dr. Bunyon learned this early on in his optometric career which has played a significant factor in his success as an optometrist.  Dr. Bunyon thanks Drs. Derrick Artist and Teresa Grilla due to their mentorship and helping to mold and shape his career early on by just giving words of encouragement.  In addition to mentorship, Dr. Bunyon is a firm believer in investing in a coach.  Recently, he joined the Medical Mogul Academy which is a program that helps doctors finding their purpose.

Dr. Bunyon has been married for 16 years.  During the podcast, Dr. Bunyon explains the key to work-life balance with his wife, Dr. Mesheca Bunyon, is that they have always put their family first. Whether it’s a soccer game or a recital, the Bunyon’s have always focus that their lives and practice is to support their children’s lives.  This, in turn, has helped create a balanced household and create a legacy for their family.

Dr. Bunyon’s book, Four Sight, gives the essential steps to optimize and grow your optometry practice.  The book is a labor of love and inspiration and direction to help the young or middle optometrist on their private practice journey.  Be sure to check out Dr. Bunyon’s book!

FourSight: The Essential Steps to Optimize and Grow Your Optometry Practice

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