Optometry Podcast: Dr. Justin Manning’s 3 Pillars on Leadership in Eyecare

Justin Manning OD, MPH, FAAO

Possessing a diverse background in any profession is invaluable. Dr. Justin Manning has explored every aspect of optometry from teaching internationally to starting a specialty contact lens institute.  Dr. Justin is also an expert when is comes to the business of optometry and information technology in healthcare.  This week, the Defocus Media team had the opportunity to explore Dr. Manning’s diverse background and discuss steps to improve the healthcare system.

Dr. Manning has a passion for empowering eyecare providers to become healthcare leaders around the world. Who will impact healthcare systems.  Dr. Manning believes we can achieve this with the following 3 pillars: EyeInspire, EyeImpact, and EyeCare.


The ability to inspire plays an important role in impacting one’s life.  As eyecare professionals, we must inspire our team (staff) to provide the ultimate eyecare experience for our patients, which in turn will inspire our patients to achieve the best eyecare and quality of life.


As eyecare professionals, we need to think about what social determinants impact our patient’s health, such as race, social economic status, location, and sexual orientation.  We have to keep these factors in mind as they impact our patients’ overall health.


One must care about the patient’s experience.  As optometrists, we may be the only physician that our patients see throughout the year. It’s our responsibility not to only prescribe corrective lenses, but really focus on the patient’s entire systemic background.  As eyecare leaders and primary eyecare providers, we are the gateway into the healthcare system, so we must CARE about patients in their entirety.

For those that are interested in learning more about Dr. Justin Manning, check out his LinkedIn page and participate in his Monday Rants.


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