Optometry Podcast: Dr. Courtney Dryer Discusses Hubble Contacts

If you’ve been on the internet in the last 6 months you’ve seen the ads: Hubble contact lenses, the futuristic sounding, budget-friendly, daily disposable subscription box contact lens. What’s the real story behind the mass of marketing buzzwords? We sat down with Dr. Courtney Dryer to get the inside scoop.

Dr. Courtney Dryer

Dr. Dryer published her research and experience with Hubble contact lenses on New Grad Optometry recently, citing the 4 reasons she’s choosing to not recommend the lens to her patients. Made from the antiquated, low oxygen transmission hydrogel material methafilicon A, she cites comfort, ocular health concerns, vision performance and high cost as cons. Though the lens marketed as a cost saving in their campaigns, the price tag of $30 a month plus shipping sets Hubble as more expensive than most daily disposable contact lenses in its technology category, including Soflens Daily and Clearsight 1 Day which typically retail for around 30 cents a lens. But with strong direct to consumer marketing touting Hubble as inexpensive and futuristic, patients won’t hear about the fact the lens is near 30-year-old technology at a higher price tag than its competitors without informed discussions in your exam room.

How is Dr. Dryer using this new online disruptor as a way to improve patient loyalty and capture rate in her own small private practice? She discusses her practice philosophies and in office experiences when patients ask her about Hubble lenses on today’s podcast!