Optometry Podcast: Dr. Amy Ruzicka Shares Her Journey in Eyecare

Dr. Amy Ruzicka, Optometrist & Podcast Host

Meet Dr. Amy Ruzicka.  Dr. Ruzicka is a graduate of the Rosenberg School of Optometry and practices at Clarkson Eyecare in Northern Kentucky.  She is also the founder of the hit podcast, Q & E.  On today’s podcast, Dr. Amy Ruzicka takes us through her journey in eyecare.  Dr. Ruzicka touches on why she chose Rosenberg School of Optometry, the importance of personal branding, and her hit podcast, Q & E.

Why Rosenberg School of Optometry?

Initially, Dr. Ruzicka had no intentions of attending the Rosenberg School of Optometry. However, after visiting the school, experiencing the beautiful weather and learning of Rosenberg’s strong mission statements and beliefs, Dr. Ruzicka was committed.  She was attracted by their mission statement and their emphasis on leadership and service is what truly drew Dr. Ruzicka to the school.

Personal Branding

Dr. Ruzicka is a strong believer in personal branding.  Although personal branding was not taught to her in school, she is a firm believer that all eyecare professionals should learn how to brand themselves, especially online.  She discusses the power of utilizing youtube to learn how to do anything in which you have an interest.   Also, when it comes to visual and aesthetics, she loves the Over app.  It’s her jam!

Q & E Podcast

Q & E stands for question and eyes.  The eyecare podcast was birthed as a tool to provide patients and other healthcare professionals with a better understanding of optometry.  Dr. Ruzicka podcast has been very helpful because it starts a conversation and better understanding of the topic at hand with patients and other healthcare professionals.  For example, Dr. Ruzicka had a patient that needed vision therapy and was able to refer her patient to her podcast which gave the patient and parent better insight on vision therapy.  As a result, the patient felt more comfortable and educated about vision therapy and elected to move forward.


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