Optometry Podcast: Biofinity Energys

Since it’s launch last year, Biofinity Energys has been making waves in the world of technology and innovation, but optometrists are still often confused about where this lens fits in their practice as well as the product’s design and function. We talked with Dr. Michele Andrews, Director of Professional Affairs North America for CooperVision, and Mr. Doug Brayer, Director of Marketing to set the record straight on this great new lens!

1. Biofinity Energys is NOT for Presbyopes
The most common misconception about the lens that Andrews and Brayer encounter when speaking with ODs is that the lens is meant for early or emerging presbyopes.  There is no add power in the contact lens; instead it utilizes a proprietary design of aspheric optics to reduce the strain on the eye’s near focus. For patients needing an add power to see clearly at near, this lens is not designed to give them any add power, and will likely not be a successful fit. Instead the lens is designed for the millions of Americans who are spending hours of time on smartphones and digital devices; 30% of American adults are on devices over 9 hours a day and are really feeling that end of day eye fatigue. In my own practice I fit it on everyone from teenagers to adults with complaints of tired eyes or high amounts of device use.
2. Biofinity Energys is NOT Proclear EP
Andrews and Brayer set the record straight in this podcast; this lens is not the Proclear EP design on Biofinity material. As discussed above, there is no add power in this lens, and the aspheric design layout is a new design from the company made to maximize hand held device comfort.
3. Your Plugged-In Patients are Already Psyched About Biofinity Energys
Since it’s launch, CooperVision has been surprised by the strong embrace that their product has gotten from the tech community. It won top honors at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 for new technology innovation, and users compared the lens to the contact lens version of their trusty Gunnar computer and gaming glasses.
Do you have stories about Biofinity Energys from your own practice? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
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