New FDA approval: EyeBOX.

What is it?
The first noninvasive test to help diagnose a concussion.

How does it work?
The patient watches a four minute video while the software analyzes their eye tracking. The clinical trial showed a noticeable difference in eye movements between normal patients and those with brain injuries. Here is a picture of the device.

How does one diagnose a concussion?
There isn’t a good objective way nor is there a good way to quantitatively measure if a patient is getting better or not. The research team states because the EyeBOX gives an actual scored report, it can be used to monitor improvement over time.

Why is it important to detect a concussion?
For a variety of reasons but one of them is second impact syndrome or “SIS”. SIS is “a rare but serious condition in which a second concussion occurs before a first concussion has properly healed, causing rapid and severe brain swelling.”

Here is a TEDMED talk by the neurosurgeon that co-founded the company.

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