Music for Boards Crunch Time by Rachel & Kate

If you’re a future optometrist, then you’re probably aware that national boards part one exams are mere days away. If you’re taking the exam, as we are, you may be FREAKING OUT. Hi, we’re Rachel and Kate, of “Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate”, the upcoming hit podcast from Defocus Media. We’re third-year students at UMSL and we’re taking boards in, like, one second.

As a fun treat for our study buddies out there, we’ve put together two boards pump-up playlists! These are for when you need a break from the classical music infused with alpha brainwave stimulation. Kate’s Passing Boards Anthology has all the inspirational lyrics you crave, while Rachel’s Boards Domination Playlist will only inspire you to rock out. 


No matter what happens with you and the exam, you’re smart and hardworking. You’re going to be an awesome optometrist. Keep fighting.

Until next time,

Rachel and Kate
P.S. What’s your boards pump-up music? Let us know on Twitter @RKLunchDate!