Lunch Date with Rachel & Kate Episode One: Wage Gap

It’s episode one of Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate and wage equality is on the menu! We have been passionate about the wage gap in optometry since we first met, so this is the perfect topic to kick off this podcast. We read the 2017 Income Survey in Review of Optometry and We. Are. Fired. Up. The wage gap is worse than last year. Why? Well, we’re trying to figure that out. What we DO know is that the average salary for a male with less than 10 years experience is approximately $135k. One hundred thirty-five thousand smackers. Let that number sink in. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect salary for you to ask for in your first job out of optometry school? We think so too. You know why? Because you’re worth it.

Until next time!

Kate and Rachel


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