Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 8: The Aaron Quest

Hey All!

We are back with another prestige podcast! In Episode 4, we went behind the scenes of the making of the Student Bowl Rules Video, and now we are going in front of the scenes. Kate goes to Optometry’s Meeting!! Her schedule is packed with lots of fun things, but the most exciting part? We finally get to share the Rules Video! 
Not only are we debuting the rules video, Kate is a part of Insight studios with Johnson and Johnson Vision, she attends lunch with Young Leaders in Optometry, Future of Optometry Breakfast with Essilor of America, Luxottica Live, AOSA Spotlight Featuring AOSA legends, and a ROCKIES GAME!!! On top of all that, Rachel gave Kate a scavenger hunt to complete… will Kate make it in time? Find out the shocking truth in this episode!

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Rachel and Kate


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