Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 6: My Eyes are Up Here

Deep conversations abound in episode 6. First, about sandwiches, because have you really given enough thought to sandwiches? Next, about sexual harassment, because have you really given enough thought to sexual harassment? And while sandwiches are, without question, good (Have you ever had banh mi? I dare you to eat banh mi and tell me sandwiches aren’t good! Say it to my face!!), sexual harassment is extra, double, infinity bad. We discuss some strategies to combat sexual harassment, including putting policies in writing and enforcing them, participating in bystander training, and taking a critical look at our own behaviors.

Until next time,

Kate and Rachel 

RK Lunch Date
Rachel and Kate are two real-life friends talking about equality issues viewed through the lens of optometry. Tune in for their take-aways and action items. See you at lunch!

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