Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 37: #KUTOO

We have heard about the #MeToo movement, but have you heard about the #KuToo movement? Women in Japan have been required in certain workplaces to wear high heels in recent years. This began the KuToo Movement, but a new kindling has been added to the fire. Several workplaces in Japan are not allowing women to wear glasses in the workplace, but must wear contact lenses instead. The reasoning behind this decision being that glasses are not feminine. As Eyecare providers, we know not everyone is a contact lens candidate, or can gain the best vision with contact lenses. We decided to take on the issue and talk about ways we can support these women, and ways to protect ourselves against unnecessary dress code stipulations. Also, we want to celebrate you and your superhero abilities. We all have moments when we have an awesome patient encounter and make a huge difference in someone’s life! Share a moment where you felt like an optometry superhero this week using #optosuperhero! Until Next Time, Rachel and Kate