Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 36: Power to the Polls

Welcome to November! We begin to see the crisp fall leaves, and the need to use insurance benefits before the end of the year. But the best part of November is exercising your right to vote. The first Tuesday of November will always and forever be an election date. But there isn’t a presidential race going on this year, so why should I exercise my right to vote?

Two Reasons:
1. Your voice matters in your community, and our nation.
2. Why the heck not???

Take a moment and look-up to see if you are registered to vote. Check at If not, go ahead and register so you are on the ball for the next election! If you are registered to vote, CONGRATS YAY!!! It is time to take a moment and learn about what is on your ballot. One of our favorite non-partisan sites for information of what/who is on your ballot, check out: We can’t wait to see all of our voting stickers! Tag us on Instagram of you with your “I Voted” sticker for an opportunity to win a special surprise! Check out our Instagram @RKLunchDate to see the surprise!

Until Next Time,
Rachel and Kate


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