Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 33: Unpaid Work

Who does most of the work at your house? No, this isn’t about hours worked in the week and who brings home the biggest paycheck, but the amount of unpaid work done. Unpaid work consists of raising children, running errands, household chores, and yard work. When you are by yourself, it is natural to take on all the unpaid work. When you are in a partnership with a friend, spouse, significant other, or business partner, sometimes one person to take on more unpaid work than another. Unequal burdens of unpaid work creates stress on the partnership, and allows one person to hold dominance over the other. The best way to create equality in relationships, and in the world, is to share unpaid work. Tune in to learn more about ways to balance unpaid work, and how to create equal partnerships in all your relationships.

Until Next Time,

Rachel and Kate


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