Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 26: Be Your Own Self Advocate

Self Care is a buzzword in our world today. Rachel and Kate are all about self-care but want to make it a daily practice, rather than a once and a while experience. That is when we learned about being a Self Advocate. While self-care can be there to help with moments you need to stop and rest for yourself, Self Advocacy is a daily choice of caring for yourself. Rachel and Kate aren’t perfect at this, but we are working hard to look at how to make boundaries, choose to make yourself a priority, and find ways to assist others with empathy and authenticity. Come join us as we look into the difference between self advocacy and self care to be an authentic beautiful women. We have a special guest joining us at the end of the podcast! Nadia Afkhami, @eyeamnadia, is a 2nd year student at Western University who immigrated from Iran as child. She talks about how she navigated applying for schools, and creating her story with self- advocacy and confidence. She teaches a lot about to be a self advocate and make a difference in the community while doing it!

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Rachel and Kate

RK Lunch Date
Rachel and Kate are two real-life friends talking about equality issues viewed through the lens of optometry. Tune in for their take-aways and action items. See you at lunch!

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