Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 24: How to Interview Well with Dr. Linda Luciano

We have a special guest with us this week!! Meet Dr. Linda Luciano! She is a career coach for people in academia and women looking into leadership. She has helped so many people grow into strong professionals, and so we wanted to share her knowledge with you! She will be joining us for two episodes because she has so much information to share!

Part 1: Interview Tips

It is that time of year where 4th years are looking for jobs, and there is always the opportunity for a new position around the corner. We learn about mock interviews, how to present yourself and ways to answer questions well. On top of that, we learn about how to be a good interviewer as well. Want to get more one on one information? Check our Dr. Luciano’s website at

Tune in next time for more advice about work culture and how to know if you will flourish in that environment.

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Rachel and Kate