Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 22: Unconscious Bias

Let’s talk about tomatoes for a second. When we were children, we all believed a tomato was vegetable. No one necessarily came out and said “this is a vegetable, and you must believe it.” But somehow we all believe tomatoes are vegetables. So when people talk about vegetables, you associate tomatoes with the discussion. Then one day you learn that a tomato is a fruit. WHAT, that seems crazy because we always have known that tomatoes are vegetables. But we have unconsciously held that bias. The same thing can happen with our beliefs about people. It can seem harmless enough, but if we don’t question these thoughts there are judgments that creep in. We are looking in the mirror, and asking ourselves, “What do we accept as truth and why?” Come join us as we bite into what it means to have unconscious bias and how to challenge ourselves to make it better. Dimitry Richter from Ocular Media, @ocular_media, joins us in partnership with Johnson and Johnson’s Insight Studios to discuss translated exams and how to rid ourselves of unconscious bias as we connect with our patients. You can also find more information to connect with patients who speak a different language by checking out the OptTranslate Podcast!

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Until Next Time,

Rachel and Kate


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